Minimalist minimalist home Type 45

Type 45 is very popular today, especially by the middle class, given the narrow land and the cost to build a house is also more expensive. With a tiny little house design minimalist-home kebuthan even then the problem can be solved. Minimalist type 45 umumya also used by the property developer to build a simple house minimalist. Minimalist type 45 is enough to use for a small family with 2 to 3 children. This means that in one house the number of people who can occupy a house type 45 are as many as 5 people consisting of Mr. and Mrs. emergency, then two or three children.
Minimalist type 45 is generally built with two bedrooms, one master bedroom and two children's bedrooms, with 2 bedroom, parents can sleep in the main room while the children sleep in the child's bedroom. The problem that occurs is when the children are grown and her son is composed of men and women, the child-woman who earlier in priority to get a bedroom, and a boy, although not had the bedroom, he can sleep or resting on the couch guest rooms, or in front of the family room TV. However, it is worth all the children still get cabinets and desks were good, so that although it has no bedroom, but he can learn and have privacy for storing clothes and perlengkapanya in the closet.
Take a look at some examples of minimalist house type 45 which we present below, the average house looks small but once we get inside her, the functions of the house can be available both as living room, family room, master bedroom, room sleeping children and of course the kitchen, if still possible, the front garden of the house needs to be done well to make it more perfect front view of the house.
Are you already get a minimalist house design type 45 you expect? Photos of various examples of the minimalist type 45 I could give a little conclusion, namely, to create home design stretcher looks luxurious and elegant look, then you need to provide a spacious room to the front of the house. The front of the house can be filled with home gardens so that modern minimalist house type 45 that you build will appear unusually good.tags: Example minimalist Type 45, Type 45 Minimalist House Design, Minimalist Design House Type 45, Type 45 House Minimalist Design, Picture minimalist Type 45, Type 45 Minimalist Picture House, Model House Minimalist Type 45, Type 45 Minimalist Home